A Paris Photo Diary pt. 1

".....I trace it all back to then, her and the snow and the Seine."

I have a hard time writing about Paris. How could I compete with the literary greats who summed it up so well?

We stayed for ten days on a quiet street in Montmartre, the 18th arrondissement on the right bank. A place with a rich history in the underground art scene. Where the beatniks, artists and musicians gathered to share their stories. I could talk about about the terrifying flights of stairs up to our apartment, or the smell of cigarettes and coffee in the morning for hours. Or about the one-eyed cat that would appear on our street and occasionally allow us to say "bonjour" before scampering off. I could rave about every museum we went to, or the time we ran into an old friend from high school in my favorite bookstore.

But that's just the thing about Paris. Everyone has their own extraordinary story to tell about the city, and that's what makes it so magical. It may be special to me, but it's just as special to millions of people around the world. So for now I'll just hold my stories close, and hope that I can return to the enchantment very soon.