Too Tired to Fashion


I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately. Trickle-down fashion hasn’t exactly been working in my favor, and as a result, I’m still wearing last summer’s off-the-shoulder tops and culottes. It’s not like the runways haven’t been filled with innovative, inspiring collections - in fact the past couple of seasons have been so fresh and bold that I feel something ignited within me that I haven’t felt since first getting my Teen Vogue subscription over ten years ago.

Alessandro Michele of Gucci has been pioneering the colorful, multi-print renaissance that we’ve been so desperately needing for years, but where is that trend showing in real stores? I want carefully picked colors, stripes mixed with delicate embroideries, intricate prints that are not only eye-catching but also give off the “don't f#@k with me” vibe. And instead what are we getting? A haphazard attempt at mixing primary colors with stale prints.

Stores like Zara and Topshop are supposed to be places of refuge for the masses of people who can’t afford to look fresh off the runway. We brave these chaotic, disorderly stores because we know we can always find something that looks juuust enough like designer to pass as an instagram celebrity at Alfred’s on Sunday morning. Now, you’d be lucky to find a bland striped button down that fits both your shoulders and torso.

I hate to complain. There really are bigger problems going on, (i.e. the impending destruction of our country). It’s just that we deserve more. We shouldn’t have to sift through racks for hours just to come out with yet another plain white poly-blend t-shirt.

There is of course, an obvious solution to this. Shop small. You can find independent designers who are just getting their start on sites like Etsy, Garmentory, Lisa Says Gah, and Asos Marketplace. My personal favorites right now are stores like Everlane, COS, Boheme Goods, Courtyard LA (On Instagram) and Reformation. 

If we really want to fight back against fast fashion and their failing production standards, we should do so by supporting smaller brands that are dedicated to sustainable practices and innovative designs.

See below for things I’m currently coveting from independent designers and boutiques.