September Blues

The coming of the fall always brought a sense of melancholy to me that some may hate, but I thrive on. All summer I long for the cold mornings, the ability to wrap myself up in my blanket and stay indoors without feeling guilty. I’ve never experienced a fall where I wasn’t returning to school, and I don’t know whether I’m enjoying this new sense of freedom, or if I’m silently panicking that I don’t have something to do everyday.  There are many things that we can draw inspiration from this season. Katelyn, Crystal and I are lucky enough to live on a quiet street that is lined by hundred year oaks and I’m anxiously waiting for the day that I can walk outside and see the leaves change from green to orange, red and brown. In the meantime, I’ll be inside next to my air conditioning, pretending that it isn’t 85 degrees and sunny.

Here’s a peek into my visual musings for September.