10 Tips for Style Interns


For the last couple of months Crystal and Hannah have been navigating their way through the fashion industry as stylist interns. Interested in dipping your toes into the world of styling? Here's a few tips and tricks on how to break into one of the hardest industries in the world. 

Q: Who do you intern for?

C: I assist the styling duo Dani and Emma 

H: I assist the fashion editor of Darling Magazine

Q: How did you get your internship?

C: I was feeling stressed and hopeless at work and school, and it wasn't helping that my mom was nagging my ear off about starting a career. So I decided to be proactive and look for opportunities. I was on the "accepted FIDM students" facebook page when I saw a post about two stylists that needed an intern. I looked at their website and instagram to see what they were all about. I loved their work so I shot them an email with my resume attached. I got an interview the next morning and within hours of the interview I was on a "test run" of errands. They never really said "you got the job" but i've been working for them for a few months now so I'd like to think I got the job.

H: I had read Darling for some time and just searched on Google "Darling Magazine Internship," it turns out that they had a whole page of different internship opportunities and I found that the Stylist Internship was the perfect fit for me. I applied for it and heard back a couple weeks later and started a few months after that. 

Q: What does your average day of interning look like?

C: Everyday is different, you have to keep that in mind when you work in fashion. Usually I start at around 8 or 9 sometimes earlier. I do a coffee run before meeting up with Dani and Emma and from there the day could go in any direction. I could be doing returns to showrooms and stores, or pulling clothes and jewelry for an upcoming event or photoshoot; Or both. Or my day could be spent on set helping unload and organize everything to be presentable and helping them keep a clean and manageable work space.  

H: My day typically starts at around 8am. I meet the fashion editor at her house and pick up a car load of clothes to run around town and return to different showrooms. On some days before an upcoming shoot I'll receive a moodboard for what the shoot will be like and pull clothes that would look best for it. My favorite thing about interning is getting to be on set for the shoots. It's so fun being able to watch the editors direct the models and have everyone collaborate on a photo. 

Q: What do you wear?

C:  Flat shoes and something with pockets always! I usually wear my canvas sneakers, indigo high waisted skinny jeans and t-shirt. My next go-to is a pair of black overalls. I always have to keep in mind that I'm going to be lifting, moving and sweating a lot but also meeting new people and representing Dani and Emma.

H: I dress pretty casual. Most of the time I'll just wear jeans and my new balance sneakers and a t-shirt. I think it helps a lot to just be as comfortable as possible without being a slob. Being an stylist intern means you're going to be doing a lot of heavy lifting with shoeboxes and garment bags and you're going to want to be able to move well. 

Q: What do you keep in your bag?

C: Something to charge my phone with, this is so important because I always have to look up directions and it kills my battery. I also bring my wallet, some mints, water, pen and paper, and my make up bag. I don't bring much. Something that I always forget is a snack and coins. Its so important and too easily forgotten, always remember to EAT! and bring coins cause parking is a bitch. 

H: I usually have a bunch of mint gum, my little Marc Jacobs coin purse that I got a million years ago, hand lotion, advil, a notebook and pen to take notes and I have a water bottle on me always. For days on set I would definitely recommend bringing whatever you think would be helpful to whom you're assisting. The most helpful thing that I own is a makeup hood, which models can throw over their heads while getting dressed so that they won't get any makeup on the clothes or ruin their hair. You can buy them for around $5 on Amazon and it is SUCH a lifesaver. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone looking into an internship in styling?

C: You need to be tough and driven. You have to do the dirty work before you can understand and appreciate what a stylist does or what it takes to be one. Don't expect things to happen overnight, being an intern is just the foundation. You need to be honest with who you're working with and with yourself; don't over work yourself. Be genuine with everyone you meet, they could be your connection to moving forward. Even if they are rude or snooty to you, you have to put your ego aside. Definitely don't put yourself on a pedestal. Just remember everyone has to start from somewhere. 

H: I would say you should seriously want to be a stylist. If you're not passionate about it then it really will feel like a job to you and that's when things get a little tough. It may not be the most glamorous thing in the world but the experience you gain and the connections you can make are so worth it. Also remember to pee as often as you can and be kind to everyone you meet, just because you're working in fashion doesn't mean you have an excuse to treat people poorly.