The 3 Founders of HotHouse

The 3 Founders of HotHouse

Back in October, when a heat wave smothered LA, three fashion students sat in a back patio and spilled their fears of the nearing future. Knees pulled up on the chairs, a tan pitbull named Iris laid between them, they talked and talked as the sky turned pink and the air got cooler.

“Where do we start?”

How do we start?”

Hannah sat on the end, Crystal on the other and Katelyn in the middle. The three were all students at the Fashion Institute in downtown LA, all daydreaming of styling, directing and creating. As the sun finally set and the girls got quiet, they suddenly realized what they had to do.

After months of planning, brainstorming and arguing, HotHouse was created.

HotHouse is more than a blog. It’s a platform, a network for young and determined artists. It’s a space for those who want to create, build their brand and gain experience. It’s a place to support and help those just beginning. For the young artists who don’t have the privilege of networking and need a space where they can create freely and receive a little push towards their success. 

So here's to an exciting new adventure. A new chapter of our lives that we hope you'll join us on.