"This Is Very Bad"

I’ve thought a lot about what I want to say about this election, how I wanted to put my anger, disappointment, shock and grief into words. I’ve read all of the essays, watched all of the interviews, marched with thousands of people, and I still am finding myself at a loss. What happened on Tuesday shocked the world, because the unthinkable happened. Donald Trump, a billionaire sex offender, has been elected as President of the United States.

The past week has gone by in what has felt like a dream. I’ve never experienced true grief before but I suppose that’s what it has been. I’m grieving over the loss of everything I’ve been so privileged to call normal, and I’m grieving over the chance of what we could have had. A chance at truly affordable health care. Free college tuition for 2 years.  Safety in knowing that our lives weren’t going to be threatened by a demagogue who has no experience in politics. A woman in the White House for the first time in American history.

It honestly hurts, and this is coming from a privileged white female. It’s hurting more for the people whose livelihoods are truly being threatened; for those who are now forced to live in fear that they may be deported, that their business could be shut down, that they won’t be able afford health care, or that they will be sexually harassed or physically abused. These fears are real and need to be met with compassion and empathy, not hatred and criticism.

Thousands across the country are protesting because they need to make their voices heard saying that we will not accept this.  We do not need to normalize this man, because as John Oliver said “he isn’t normal.” We do not need to wish that he succeeds because no matter what, the man is going to cause pain to many. He is not our president and we do not need to treat him as such.  

These next four years (if he even lasts that long) are going to be tough, and we can’t let this man win without putting up a fight. Get out into the streets and protest until you can’t stand anymore. Call your representatives everyday and tell them that you do not accept the appointments Donald is making. Learn your rights, because he is going to try to convince you that you don’t have any. If a crime or atrocity happens to you or a loved one, report it to the ACLU. We need to be screaming everyday that everything Donald stands for is not what we stand for. #NotMyPresident

To get involved, here is a list of amazing organizations we strongly recommend donating to or volunteering for.


Campaign Zero

The Mexican American Legal Defense Fund

NARAL Pro- Choice America

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

Planned Parenthood

National Organization for Women

Rape, Abuse & Incest Network

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project

The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights



Black Lives Matter. Immigrant Lives Matter.

Women's Lives Matter. LGBTQ Lives Matter. 

He is NOT our President