Knowing When to Take the Leap - An Interview with Chelsea Sonksen

It’s a bit like standing at the edge of a cliff with an uncertain fate at either end - Stay in your dead end job or take the risk and jump. For most women, we’re taught that we shouldn’t speak up, shouldn't take risks, shouldn't do things for ourselves. But what happens when you go from realizing a certain career path isn't right for you, to actually making the leap?
I recently had the chance to chat with the Founding Editor (and total Girl Boss) of Bossladies Magazine, Chelsea Sonksen, who gave me an insightful new way of looking at the sometimes scary journey that so many women are too afraid to make. 

What is your current title and how did you get to that position?

Founding Editor, Bossladies Magazine. — I started the company.

Have you ever had a job or even gone down a career path that you knew you just weren’t right for?

For a time I worked in Commercial Real Estate. I wasn’t a broker; I worked on the Marketing and Community Development team, but the bro-tastic world of commercial real estate was absolutely not the right fit for me. Even so, I worked that position for two years. 

When you were younger what would you say your “dream job” was?

To be a political journalist. 

Has there ever been a point in your career that you wish you could go back and change?

No, not really. I think that everything you do is really a stepping stone to the next thing. Sometimes it’s hard to see how one experience opened the door for the next one, but I do think that everything is interconnected. The only thing I might change is the length of time I stayed at my commercial real estate job after it was clear that there wasn’t room for growth.

What advice would you have for someone who’s in a job that they don’t feel right about?

As soon as you know it doesn’t feel right, start looking for the next thing. Talk to everyone you know about their jobs, so you can get an idea of what type of position might be a better fit. It’s been fun for me to interview so many women in the past year and learn how many different kinds of jobs are available—even within a seemingly niche industry. 

It’s also so important to consider what your ideal work environment would be like. Do you want to work on a small team or for a large company? Do you want to work in a 18-floor office building or in a small studio? Do you want an office where you can burn candles and where you are surrounded by creative women? These things are all possible if you know to look for them.

 And I always think it’s a good idea to wait to quit one job until you have another offer from the next. It helps eliminate the stress that can come with being between positions.

Bossladies Magazine issue no.2 hits newsstands on November 1st

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