Transitional Wear

It's finally reaching below 70 degrees down here in L.A (just kidding, another heat wave has struck), and so we begin our transition from colorful tops & bandanas to boots & sweaters. As beautiful and cozy as Autumn & Winter fashion is, it can get a little repetitive and boring.  Autumn doesn’t mean you can’t have fun anymore, it just means bring on the layers. Don’t let your summer color dreams die just because it’s a little bit darker and a little bit colder. Here are some ideas to let your bundle up but still feel like your doing the most. Don't go quietly into the neutrals (but we do love our neutrals here at HotHouse).

  • Invest in things like, coats, shoes & bags. These things can make any outfit feel like new, they make an outfit, and can help you revamp your wardrobe with a simple purchase. 
  • Layers, layers, layers. Layer a sweater over your favorite summer dress, or pack on the cardigan and jewelry over a vintage tee. 
  • Colorful boots, in new material, like crushed velvet, and different colors, like maroon & dusty orange.
  • Embroidery, it's the new way to personalize things. Embroider your sleeves, your collars, anything to give it more a personal touch.
  • Big sunnies. You know there are plenty of days when it's freezing but brighter than the summer ever was, so give yourself a little love and buy some new sunnies. Go for a maroon pair, or glittery ones. And go giant. Bug out. 
  • Big trousers with a skinny belt. It's a safe, classic look that is effortless and cool, and gets your away from skinny jeans.
  • Knit dresses, cozy, colorful and oh so chic.
  • Scarves, get giant ones, get red patterned ones and tie them around your head, have them hang off your back. Get warm but look powerful.
  • Bring out the details. Lacey bras, gold rings, dangly earrings and layered necklaces. If you're feeling bored in your sweater and jeans, let the details bring you together and raise you up.
  • Overalls. Never give up on overalls. You can wear those all year round, no matter what anyone says. Wear a sweater instead of t-shirt. Add your boots. You can even venture away from denim and find a linen pair for that perfect fall texture. It's perfect and easy and everyone loves overalls. Right?
  • Wear white. Another things to never give up on (who even listens to the 'labor day' rule?). Ever since Anne Hathaway stepped out in that all-white ensemble in Devil Wears Prada (you know exactly what I'm talking about) white has been my favorite color to wear, and it should be yours too. Especially in the fall.