A Well Dressed Man


What inspires you?

Music and Art inspire me, a lot of my ability to create within the fashion realm I believe is inspired by my love for Music and Art. Being a musician for about 15+ years, playing the drums, I understand how things must flow in order for a band to sound great together and I translate that over into my craftsmanship as a fashion stylist. 

When did first become interested in fashion?

Being raised by a New Yorker, my Mom heavily had me into fashion from birth. She was a well dressed woman who was always hip to the new trends and she dressed me and my siblings as such. After her death, when I was the age of 7, I no longer had her fashion influence around so I  didn't have that much interest into it. It wasn't until my 7th grade year in middle school that I regained an interest into fashion and I had a great Godmother who supported and funded my desire to dress stylish and my interest in fashion. 

How did you find styling to be your niche?

I discovered styling as my calling in 2013, my sophomore, going into my junior year of college. 

Do you feel as if your personal style is reflected in your work?

There are hints I believe my personal style can be reflected in my work as a stylist. Not too much though, as a stylist I believe it's not my job to dress clients as I would want to dress, but to dress them in the best options that fit their personal character or image.

How did you end up with the stylist that you assist now?

Well I began under the Mentorship of Rachel Johnson, she's a well known stylist in the professional sports realm. From her she then connected me with Celebrity stylist Jason Rembert and here we are today, working under his mentorship as I serve as his Menswear assistant. 

Men’s styling can be challenging, it’s hard to find the right people who are willing to take risks. What do you think can be done to help elevate men’s fashion?

I believe the highlight and praise menswear is receiving today is elevating men's fashion. With magazines such as GQ, Esquire who highlight mainly menswear, has grabbed the attention of many men around the world. More so now than ever do I believe men have become so interested or have developed desires for fashion and are exploring opportunities within the fashion industry for careers.

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