The Revice Babe


Hailing from the North, this babe with a taste for vintage denim is a force to be reckoned with. We met Morgan, a fellow Visual Communications major while at FIDM. Learn more about her positive attitude, overwhelming lust for life and how she landed every girl's dream job below.        

How did you end up with the company you’re with today?

I could say the normal thing, like oh I was interviewed, got the job, boom done. But it's actually a funny story. In December during Christmas break at FIDM, the FIDM Instagram account reposted a picture I had a friend take  of me in an all denim get up at school. Of course in their repost they tagged my account. The Revice Instagram account was following FIDM and saw that picture, and one of my old co-workers creeped my profile and DM'ed me saying like "killer style blah blah blah, would you ever be interested in working for a start up denim brand?". Literally two days before this I was having a conversation with my mom saying if I was to work in house for a brand I'd want it to be a denim brand. So the stars aligned, we exchanged emails, I interviewed immediately after returning to LA after break and landed the job! I got it right as we were soft launching in January, and I've been with the company since. Over the months my position and responsibilities have grown as we've grown and I'm now the marketing coordinator!

What is your role at Revice?

I kind of do it all, but my official title is marketing coordinator or marketing VP at Revice. Since we are a smaller company and still growing I tend to were a lot of different job hats making sure all parts of the business are running smoothly. I oversee everything from marketing to social media, customer service, shipping, etc. 

You write very honestly on social media. Do you ever feel intimidated by that or does it come naturally?

For me, it's one of those things that just comes naturally. I don't by any means consider myself a writer, in fact my grammar sucks since I tend to write exactly how my thoughts come out. But the honesty in my Instagram originated form a space of wanting to use the platform for myself as something that entirely describes who I am. I remember after the first picture I posted awhile back with my first lengthy honest caption I was kinda scared to post it but I though oh well no one will read it anyway. But, people did, and I got a ton of positive feedback from my friends and followers and so I continued on it. I never write them with hopes that anyone will comment or to get any sort of attention. I'm just sharing my thoughts, in a very transparent way- like it or not I don't really care. 

What keeps your grounded?

 #1 God. #2 my mom. Those are the two most important things to me in this world. Yes there are activities I do and spaces I visit that help keep my grounded, but those aren't nearly as important as my faith and my mom. Everything I have, and everything I will achieve in this world is a blessing from God, and I attribute all that back to Him. He is my anchor and my support in this world, I could go on and on, but in short that's jus the blatant truth. Secondly, my momma. She is my absolute best friend in this world. She is everything to me. Those who know me, know that we have a relationship that's kind of on that next level, could potentially be weird how close we are, talk on the phone for upwards of an hour everyday type of vibe. But seriously I love her to death. And truth be told if you ever see me texting I'm texting my mom. 

Where do you hope the industry is headed with our generation?

I really hope that with our generation we move out of the praise and worship of the fast fashion brands and find a way to bring the industry back home, back to quality over massive quantities. I hope we re-instill the emphasis and importance on American made goods, and we walk away from the sweatshop over seas manufacturing we've all decided to sweep under the rug as a "no big deal" way of doing business. One thing I love about Revice, is that a huge part of our story we're trying to get out there is that we are an all American made clothing brand. In fact we manufacture everything right here in Los Angeles. It's one of the larger reasons our denim is such high quality stuff. We are able to carefully oversee each step of the production process first hand which is tremendously important when you're crafting premium denim. Working here has definitely made me realize and value quality over massive quantities. It has opened up my eyes to the importance of supporting small genuine business' and American made products.