The Real Slim Seidi


Seidi's been hustling since day one. Before even stepping into the LA scene, she created a blog, giving her a space where she could express herself away from the confinement of high school normality. She modeled, wrote, created and eventually found her way down to LA where she started her takeover.

When did you start your blog? 

I started my blog a couple years ago while still living in Washington but it only evolved into what it is now during the past two years or so. 

Did you expect it to turn it into what is it now? 

When I started my blog I was mainly focusing on fashion, but as I've grown as a person I've realized there are others things that interest me too and so I've incorporated music and art into my blog as well.

You have very unique fashion sense, where do you draw inspiration from?

First of all: Rihanna. Secondly, I love finding unique vintage pieces and thinking of ways to pair them with more modern items. Its really just a day by day situation.

You’ve been modeling for some time now, do you think that has given an advantage when stepping into the world of fashion?

I wouldn't say it has given me a big advantage but it did give me more of an idea of what the industry is like behind the scenes and that maintaining an air of professionalism is always important. 

Music seems to be a big part of your being, do you think that it will, or has, influenced your career?

Definitely, I would love to work with music artists in the future. 

What’s next?

I'm really not sure, I would love to give styling a try, and to continue to work on my photography! I'm really just focusing on still growing up and figuring out what my passions are. 

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