Sugar Mountain


Meet Tanner, Seattle native and rad videographer. Tanner found his calling in filmmaking and learned to channel that art through his other passion, snowboarding and skiing. Read more to find out what drives him, and where he's headed next. 

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Tanner Levandoski and I am a videographer and editor. 

Where’s home?

Seattle, Washington and the beautiful Pacific Northwest is my home.

What inspires you?

The people inspire me when I can see their unselfish intentions and creative ideas that can better the world as a whole.

When did you become interested in creating films?

During high school, I had a fascination with online based filmmaking coming from YouTube and Vimeo. This online media seemed so much more real than T.V. and at the same time, so much easier to have your content seen by others. I noticed that the entertainment industry was evolving from cable T.V. to online streaming and I knew wanted to be a part of it. I discovered the YouTube film maker, Casey Neistat who is famous for combining low budget equipment and hand made props with intriguing personal narratives. Seeing Casey's success made it clear to me how important a good story is in this industry; I can worry about the fancy cameras later.

What do you use to create your videos?

I use an array of GoPro models, a Canon 70D, and a Canon G7X to film my videos. For postproduction work, I use Adobe Creative Cloud applications to edit, fix things, add effects and all that fun stuff via my trusty MacBook Pro. 

Throughout your travels, has there been a place that you have connected to the most?

It is hard for me to choose just one place. I had to work hard to go on both of my recent adventures, so all the places I visited were rewarding. The ski trip with happened first. While the rest of the crew flew to Denver, Colorado for a trade show, my boss and I bought a car and hit the road the same day to meet them two days later. We needed the car because on the way home, we were rode seven mountains between Denver and Seattle. I filmed (in part) and edited the journey daily. The silly trip can be watched on the Board Insiders YouTube channel in the "Test The West" playlist. 

My second trip to Tamarindo, Costa Rica was difficult in a different way because I was missing the week before finals. To make a long story short, I had no social life in the weeks leading up the trip because I was studying and working ahead. It was awful at the time, but when I was sitting on that surfboard in the Pacific Ocean during sunset with the best travel companion I could ask for, the experience became so worth the work.

What’s next?

A job offer that will requires me to move makes my future a little uncertain, but hopefully it will all work out.


You can find Tanner on 

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