Destined for the Big Screen


 Interview by Crystal


From the big city of Madrid to the little town of San Luis Obispo, Lucía Juárez spent a summer in America studying english. I met her when I was 15 through a foreign exchange student program where I essentially became a tour guide and a host sister. 6 years later, I run into her at the most random place at the most random time where we chatted for a bit. I came to learn she was living her dreams out in LA.

For as long as I've known her, Lucia's goal was to be an actress. Not much has changed, except her dream is now within arms reach. 

  Lucía Juárez

Lucía Juárez

What made you want to start acting?

It’s a feeling. There is something about acting that makes me be at peace with my being. To allow myself to be vulnerable in front of so many people. It frees me. Also, the ability to empathize with different characters and people’s minds and to learn how not to judge. Its just an amazing profession that gives me so much. I do think we all seek for something that fills us up, other than being in love and I found mine at a very young age. The need to express, to have something to say and to include everyone, to make them part of that experience. Art in general attracts me so much for that particular reason.

Who is your inspiration when acting?

My mom has always been a great inspiration for me. The way she educated me, the strength and belief she had, and her ability to adapt to any change. I used to think that being adaptable was not caring but I learned that it actually has to do with understanding that there are other things more important. 

In terms of performances there are so many that would make me want to act. Maybe I am an easy audience (laughs). But I think it has to do with how much are you willing to take in and get in involved with a piece of art. A recent one would be Michelle Williams in Manchester by the Sea. Hopper’s paintings are extremely inspiring. It could even be walking into my friends place, and the way she has it set up that day, inspires me. But then inspiration doesn’t mean anything if you don’t use it to turn it into something.



How do you prepare for a role?

Every time is different. There is no such thing as a formula for acting. And there is not one way to do it. Research is needed. If you have the chance to visit the place where it takes place and get ideas from it, that's always a luxury. I try to draw from my experience. I always ask myself, under what circumstances would I behave this way, and I go from there. And then, when I am done working on it, all of the sudden I get these amazing ideas of things I could’ve done. It always goes like that.

What was your first impression of America?

I don’t know so much about the first impression, but there is something America has that I love and that is a sense of freedom to do and become whoever you want to be. It doesn’t matter what you wear because there is no judgment either, and that mentality surprised me at first. And I think it also made me a better actress. 

What advice would you give your younger self (on acting or just life in general)?

I would probably say to accept things for what they are. A lot of my unhappiness or frustration, anger, anxiety… come from not letting go and trying to find answers to something that didn’t work, and not understanding that having the answer wouldn’t make me happier or at peace with myself. 

What advise would you give to a young aspiring actor/actress that doesn’t know where to start?

Training was essential for me. Creating little projects for myself too, like the following month I would watch movies of a specific director. Go to museums, learn about paintings, writers. Find your voice. It’s different process for everyone. 

You’ve recently been on Channel 1 in Spain, on a tv-series called “Centro Médico”. Congratulations! How was your first experience on tv?

It was different and very new to me. The time I had to prepare, learn my lines, or even meet the other actors was minimal compering to the stage, which is where most of my work comes from. I am never 100% satisfied with what I did because I always want to do better. But the experience was amazing.

What has been your favorite role so far?

I did a play called Jews Without Money, in which I was playing a teenager named Janette, who is growing up in the Bronx and is very open minded for the 1940’s. It was great because it’s a character that allowed me to get dirty and not be so proper, which I don’t get to play so often. And also because we had Hedy Sontag as the director and she really wants to help. She doesn’t have a plan and tries to get everyone else to fit in it. The conversations about the character would start with suggestions and not with something imposed. Although she does have a strong vision of it because she is so specific, but she does it in a way that you feel included, she starts with what you had been doing, not what she had intended you to do. Even if you end up in the place she intended you to be, but the way she does it, for me is brilliant. And so it was a great learning experience.

What is your dream role?

I would’ve loved to play something like Milles Teller on Whiplash. Or a movie based on a relationship like Blue Valentine. Or a musical like La La Land. I just want to act! (laughs).

Lucía now lives in Spain where she continues to put her name and art out there through short films, tv appearances and modeling gigs. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated with her dreams becoming reality. And don't forget to check out her reel and other campaigns she's been in at